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In Arabic, the principal language of the religion that calls itself Islam, 'Islam' means "submission." The idea is that a follower of God (a follower of 'Allah') submits himself completely to God.

Of course, this is also a Noahide principle - even though an atheist can be a good Noahide, the opposite of the Noahide Commandments against idolatry and sacrilege (i.e., committing atrocities in the name of religion) is utter dedication and devotion to God. Noachism and Torah are all about greater God-consciousness.

Muhammed, the principal figure in modern Islam, claimed that, rather than founding a new religion - a new religion is, by definition, man-made - he was merely elaborating upon and completing the Ancient Way of the Hebrew (and supposedly, the Christian) Scriptures, the Way of "the prophet Noah," of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Jacob, and then, especially, the religion of "the prophet Moses," as well as "the prophet Isa" (Jesus).

In fact, Mohammed's new religion had some elements in common with the Ancient Way of Scripture, but only a few. It has rejected, denied, and cast contempt upon much of the rest.

Today it claims to be the earth's fastest growing religion. In the hands of its followers, however, it has become a cruel and debilitating religion, a creator of deserts and slums and the father of terrorists.

We will have more to say about Mohammed's Islam, God willing. In the meantime, we insist that, if one can tell a tree by its fruits, the fruits of Muhammed's Islam must be compared to its spiritual and religious competitors'.

See "Moslems" ("Mos.") below:


nobel prizes by religion


comparing religions


[These charts, and the comments accompanying them, are borrowed from Rainbow Covenant - which borrowed them from Dr. John C.L. Hulley. See Articles (in general) and particularly, 1) Does History Point to God? and 2) How Odd of God]


How odd, of God, to choose the Jews. Lewis Brown

It's not so odd. The Jews chose God.  Leon Roth
(See Rainbow Covenant, pp. 5, 25.)








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