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When the whole world keeps the First Covenant, it won't just save the whales but the world (by making the world more worth saving).

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We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit foundation
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Foundation directors


M.E. Dallen
2400 Woodstock
Detroit,  MI 48203
(313) 891-1920
MDallen @
1stcovenant . org



J. E. Saunders

3340 Littlejohn Cir. SE 
Cleveland, TN 37323

(423) 559-2121
JSaunders @ 1stcovenant . org


Rabbi Michael Katz

5650 Stirling Rd.

Hollywood,  FL  33021

(954) 964-4288
RMKatz @
1stcovenant . org

Dr. Robert E. Buxbaum
REB Research and Consulting, Inc.

Oak Park,  MI 48237
(248) 545-0155
REBuxbaum @
1stcovenant . org



Michael Dallen, a [Jewish] writer and lawyer in Detroit, Michigan, founded First Covenant together with Jack E. Saunders - a Noahide leader, formerly a Baptist pastor, who lives near Chattanooga, Tennessee - along with Rabbi Michael Katz in Miami ("The guru to the goyim," in CNN's words). Dr. Robert E. Buxbaum became First Covenant's first non-founding board member and director in February, 2013. (For more information, go to About Us.)

Give me understanding, that I keep Thy law, and observe it with my whole heart.
Psalms 119:34

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