Call it the First Covenant, the Noahide or Rainbow Covenant, or the Universal Law...

Whatever you call the great Biblical contract between God and man (through the proverbial ancestors of everybody), it's a key - the master key - to enlightenment: to the Bible, to the whole Torah, to knowledge of God, and redemption.

This is mankind's highway to holiness, the Universal Covenant underlying the Bible's "Code of a Man of Honor" (Job 29,31); "the Path of the Noahite" or "righteous Gentile," in Masonic thinking; the "Original Islam" cited in the Qur'an, the "necessary laws" of the Christian Scriptures (Acts 15:28); "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God" of the Declaration of Independence....

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Welcome to the First Covenant

Starting from scientific, secular, often even atheistic thinking, we've uncovered powerful Teachings that rescue the very Name of God from libel.

Our mission: to help the world get past the baloney - to help people, whatever their race or creed or background, connect to the eternal cosmic forces which permeate Creation, that are called the Way of God.

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Oh, how I love Your Law!
Psalms 119:97

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We believe that our book, The Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws, is an essential aid to understanding the covenants

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That Your way may be known upon Earth, Your salvation among all nations
Psalms 67:3


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