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Welcome to Judaism's Outpatient Department

Even today, most people don't know anything about the Rainbow Covenant. But it's really basic.

1) When you talk about Israel receiving Biblical revelation at Mt. Sinai, you're talking about a world-historical revolution - by far the world's greatest liberation movement. The Hebrew Revolution is a perpetual revolution. Biblical knowledge is key to it.

2) Within Israel's religion - "Judaism" - and the covenant between God and Israel at Sinai is the Noahide Covenant or First Covenant. It's simply the universal contract that's eternally operative between us, all humankind, and the living, thinking, Creator of all things. It promises, among other things, that God won't destroy the Earth or take away humankind's dominion over Earth.

Every Divine covenant and every Divine law connects to all the Divine covenants and all the Divine laws. The Noahide path - they call it Noahism, No'achism, and even Noahidism, or, e.g., "the Path of the Righteous Gentile," and Path of the Ivri - connects everyone of every nation to this ancient revolutionary path of sanity and decency and continually unfolding revelation.

Basic, accurate knowledge of the Bible and its covenants isn't meant just for a small sect called "Jews." To save and elevate all Creation, God offers it to everyone. You don't have to be Jewish to be a blessing to the world. This is Judaism's "outpatient department," the welcoming department for non-Jews

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We wrote a highly regarded book about this: Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws. It's the best book that we, including most members of our First Covenant Foundation, have encountered on the subject. It's a profoundly enlightening subject. Please read it!

In the meantime, while you're not at this moment reading the book:

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PROVING PROVIDENCE. Proofs of God's reality and the power of Torah abound, but they're often more visible to Jews than to Noahides. "The principal Jewish sport is reading lists of names" - since Divine truths lie behind them. "The fewest of all peoples" (Deuteronomy 7:7) and the Torah of matriarchal descent. Who is really Israel? "Old Israel" v. "New Israel." Noahides invited to this great and holy cause... and more

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