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Rainbow Covenant
Torah and the Seven Universal Laws

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This book will open your eyes.

"These ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws..." Joint Resolution of the United States Congress, March 20,1991 Public Law 102-14

At long last we have a practical and learned treatment of this vital subject... truly and obviously a MOST wonderful work.
Professor James D. Tabor (University of North Carolina, Department of Religion), author of Restoring Abrahamic Faith

Rabbi's Approbation (Haskamah)
"...Welcome and timely, detailed and sound...."
Rabbi Prof. Nahum Rakover

Other approbations and reviews

Overflowing with wisdom and compassion...a great work, a modern classic.
Vendyl Jones (of blessed memory, life-long Noahide pastor) author of Will the Real Jesus Please Stand?

With wit and a keen eye for what is essential [this book] brings this ancient religion into modern times. From the Foreward, by Rabbi Michael Katz [More...]

Rainbow Covenant is a big, rich book. . . a very valuable and welcome popular introduction to the Noachide laws and the Universal Covenant. Rabbi Yoel Schwartz (author of Or L'amim (Light to the Nations) and The Eternal Jewish Home) and Rabbi Yechiel Sitzman, Yeshivat D'var Yerushalyim, Jerusalem

Highly recommended!
Rabbi Yaakov Menken
, (Torah.org), author of Menken's The Everything Torah Book


How is Rainbow Covenant received among "the experts"?

Fascinating! Rabbi Yitzchak Feldheim, Philipp Feldheim Inc.

A very readable, painstakingly researched book exploring and illuminating God's universal laws of morality . . . Rabbi Eliezer Cohen, zt'l, Congregation Ohr Chadash

Welcome and timely, detailed and sound. . . Gives non-Jews an opportunity to become well-acquainted with their age-old obligations. . . enables Jews to become acquainted with their own heritage in a graphic and exciting manner as well. . . invites the reader to inquire further into the prolific source material presented in the notes. . . . [Click here for the rabbi's full endorsement] - Rabbi Professor Nahum Rakover (Bar-Ilan University, Israel), author of Law and the Noahides; former Deputy Attorney-General of the State of Israel; editor, Jerusalem - City of Law and Justice (Israel Ministry of Justice/The Library of Jewish Law); Editor of the Library of Jewish Law; Director of the Jewish Legal Heritage Society

An outstanding achievement. Whether novice or scholar, Jew or Gentile, this is what we have all been waiting for
Kimberly E. Hanke, Turning to Torah

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That Your Way may be known upon Earth,
Your salvation among all nations.

Psalms 67:3


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