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  Community List:   United States

Suzanne Griffith - Andover State, KS

1s Griffith @

Marjie Benson

Crazy4 yarn

Allan Ray Parmley - Mowrystown, Ohio

arp drums62 @ yahoo . com

Jaime - Palatka, Florida

jazmine . flowers @ yahoo . com

Craig Pantzlaff - Bettendorf, Iowa 

go ye rica @ gm ail. com

Susan Sinigaglio. Pennsville, New Jersey

ssing 45 @ gmail . com

George - Newark, New Jersey

g moralesda in @ gmail . com

Robert Wilkins - Syracuse, New York

dios . noos@ live . com

Leonard Mansky - Roslyn, New York

len 613 @ verizon .& net

Rabbi Michael Katz - Miami, Florida

rmkatz @ 1stco venant . org

Cecilia Keller - Hilliard, Ohio

ce cilia _ keller2000 yahoo . com

Dr. Michael C Golding - Sylmar, California

co o @ drmcga . com

Alan Bain - Chicago, Illinois

dr bain@ do . com

Jack E Saunders - Cleveland, Tennessee

j saunders @ 1stc ovenant . org

Laura Root - Mesa, Arizona

llro ot cox .net

William Bond - Saint Johns, Michigan

william . james. bond @ gmail . com

Aron Willis - Seattle, Washington

ad willis 99 @ yahoo. com
Beverly Harris - Hunt (Kerr County), Texas bl harris @ hctc . net
Marvin Hyde - Tellico Plains, Tennessee
mh yde 7 @ tds . net
Christel Key - Fort Hood, Texas
chris tel g key  @  yahoo. com
C. Richburg - Cypress, Texas carna rich @ aol. com
Yisrael Rivera - Orlando, Florida
yisraelr 2 @ yahoo. com
Tim Roden - Dallesport, Washington tim _roden  @  yahoo. com
Mariano (Moshe) Otero - Hollywood, Florida noahs house congregation @ yahoo. com
Theresa - Fort Valley, Georgia theres a603 @ Windstream.  net
Frank T. Fazzino III - Wilmington, N. Carolina
frank fazzino @ gmail. com
Rosalie LaSaracina - Flushing, New York
rosalie saracina  @  yahoo. com
Nathan Frazee - Janesville, Iowa
frazee . nathan @ yahoo. com
Tina Garcia - Edison, New Jersey
the g shorty @ hotmail. com
Connie Patterson - Spanaway, Washington
c p48 @ comcast. net
Daniel B. - Houston, Texas
d bish op @ aggienetwork. com
Matt Tillman - Jacksonville, North Carolina
mtill m an @ ec.rr. com
Alex Boothe - Newark, Delaware
rgh teous gen tile  @ gmail. com
Ellen Cortez - Westhills, California  
elle n cort 2  @ aol.  com
Adam Brennan - Ronks, Pennsylvania
slan tw are @ yahoo. com
Susan - Akron, Ohio fio na of akron @ yahoo. com
Maria Morrison - Lake Mary, Florida
morr8544 @ yaho o. com
Ari ben Yoseph - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
blis ophia @ yaho o. com
Tom & Josephine Askren - Lafayette, Indiana
tja sk ren @ com cast. net
Brian Emery - Saint Louis, Missouri
beemery @ hot mail. com
Christopher Blevins - De Ridder, Louisiana ble vinschr isj @ aol.  com
Roger Grattan - Bangor, Maine san hedrin . emissary @ yahoo. com
Dianne Goulet - Wiggins, Mississippi
rosies brain  @  gmail.  com
James Singletary Jr. - Buffalo, New York
j singletary @ tmo. blackberry. net
Bruce Miller - Little Rock, Arkansas b miller 38 2 @ comcast . net
Madeleine - Virginia hallie 7201 @ aol. com
Hadahra B. - Alaska had ahr a @ hotmail. com
Leland Christopher - Fairhope, Alabama
se rene cha os @  bellsouth. net
Erika Stavropoulos - Washington, D.C.
stav ness 79 @ aol. com
Cheryl H. - Alabama ho lb rook 1 @ cableone. net
Steve Salmieri - New York, New York
rae lucid @  mindspring.  com
Greg U. - Arizona greg (at) gre gurroz. com
Jessie M. Smart - Paris, Texas
sage 125 @ sbcglobal. net
Steve R.- Arkansas mr _ routon (at) hotmail. com
Catherine K. - California open hands (at) charter. net
Heather F. - California heathe r _ fuller (at) yahoo. com
Cesar - California robo lobo 13 (at) yahoo. com
Kay Kibbe - Lewisville, Texas
kay kib be @ verizon. net
Daniel R. - California zen none @ aol . com/ bgnrsmnd @ yahoo . com
Miryam C. - California mir yam @
Vincenza Perriano - Port Charlotte, Florida
mo gel 64 @ yahoo. com
Rhonda - California
dragon drool @
Andrea M. Chester - Bryson City, N. Carolina am chester @ peo plepc. com
Phil C. - California ph ilc @ dc . rr . com
Lydia Stench - Santa Barbara, California lst en ch @ yahoo. com
Neil H. - Colorada n hurst @  edmlink. com
Pito Rosario - Bronx (New York), New York pi toro 7 @ gmail. com
Mark S. -- Florida noahide . couple @ gmail . com
Daniel S. - Georgia ct ishe ffer @ hotmail. com
Michael S. - Illinois ms ac comando @ hotmail. com
LuVal B. - Illinois luval1974 @ sbcglobal . net
Franklin Kohutek - Industry, Texas
fhk @ industryinet . com
Bruce G. - Maryland the crab (at) crablaw. com
Leah V. - Massachusetts lv20 24 (at) barnard. edu
Jennifer Carter - Charlottesville, Virginia
mak an ani 44 4 @ yahoo. com
Becky R. - Michigan beckywlt (at) charterinternet . com
Kathy G. - Michigan im kg ro se (at) sbcglobal . net
Cecil Ray Y. - Minnesota wea sel _ 123 (at) yahoo . com
Julie G. - Missouri judo326 (at) msn. com
Roy - New Mexico , doma (at) plate autel. net
Walter Michael Wolf - Brooklyn, New York
walter m wolf @ yahoo. com
Chris - New Mexico chrissay 324 (at) aol. com
Linda O. - North Carolina loak (at) triad.rr. com
Reuven W. - South Carolina herb 49 83 (at) 
Harvey C. - South Carolina bos ko min (at)
Herb G. - Oklahoma reubenkw@ bellsouth. net
Matt - Oregon mure (at) fmtc. com
Zev ben David- Pennsylvania zev _ ben _ david (at) yahoo. com
Elizabeth K. - Pennsylvania hot hands _ ejk (at) yahoo. com
Jeffrey D. - Tennessee kaicho (at) netzero. net
Theresia W. - Tennessee theresia w (at) aol. com
Theresa - Fort Valley, Georgia
theresa 603 @  windstream . net
Kay K. - Texas kay kib (at) juno. c om
Judy K. - Texas judy (at) tlcr ealty. n et
Andrea W. - Texas Fuzzy ADL (at) ms n. c om
Bob A. - Texas noach ide (at) m k tvalues. c om
Bryan F. - Texas bryan fox 2 (at) m sn. c om
Elisa J. - Washington cejay 6 (at) c omcast. n et
Mary R. - Washington raines family farm @ hotma il . c om
Lee R. Brown, Jr - lr brown jr @ e xcit e. c om
Barbara Lilly - Yakima, Washington
bar be que 2 @ a o l. c o m
Chris Kutcher - Michigan  
Margaret Reilley - Carson City, Nevada
Randy K. May  - Yakima, Washington
rkm 7676 @ nw in fo. n et
Kay - Lewisville, Texas kay kib be @ ver izon. n et
Amaryah Sabba - Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
a maryah - sabba @ live. co m
Steve Harnick - Maryland s harnick @ gm ail. co m
Beverly Kurtin - Texas b kurtin @ gm ail. co m
Hiram Vazquez-Rosa -  Cleveland, Tennessee prcbo r icua @ yahoo.  co m
Lisa Cowart - Georgia southern girl 72 @ bells outh. ne t
Calvin Lynn Metcalf - Kansas City, Missouri calvin metcalf @ y ahoo . c o m
Marilyn Tate - Texas marilyn mtate @ y aho o. co m
Clive P. Hodge - Miami, Florida sxm hodge @ y aho o. com
Linda Williams - Greenwood, South Carolina
vitalhands 2 @ y aho o.c om
Tracee - Washington, D.C.  
Brandy Lacobee - Shreveport, Louisiana b _ lacobee23 @ yahoo. c om
Theresa Sledge-Shehee - Fort Valley, Georgia theresa 603 @ alltel. n et
Don Z. Goodman - Brooklyn, New York don good man @ hearttoheartamerican. c om
Manuel Cabrera - San Diego, California man val cab @ gma il . c om
Susan LaRue - Doe Run, Missouri
a _ elle @ m sn. com
Stephen E. Williamson - Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia steve ew 443 @ comc ast. ne t
Janice Meister - Wheeling, West Virginia
sun dropjr @  yahoo .  c om
Herman Stubblefield - Santa Maria, California pstub blefield  @  ver izon .  n et
Michael Johnson - Murrieta, California opal sun66 @ a ol. co m
Brian Tebbitt - Anoka, Minnesota sha ar. devek ut @ g mail. c om
Beverly Nixon - Orlando, Florida
bdenese @ y ahoo . co m
Dan Rice - Fresno, California
eagle793727 @ y ahoo. co m
M. Jackson - Hilton Head, South Carolina jcksnmrvn @ y ahoo. c om
Curtis H. Brittle - Virginia Beach, Virginia
e l pis I sra el @ m sn. co m

Agathe Krueger - Stevensville, Michigan
dacmb @ y ahoo. co m
Walt  Childs - Bartow, Florida
waltchilds @ comcast . n et
R. J. Madison - Arlington, Texas stray_gypsy @ yahoo. co m
Aharon Resh Lakish - Rocky River, Ohio
aharonlakish @  yahoo .  co m
Jason Tyus - East Liverpool, Ohio jason_tyus @  hotmail.  co m
Stephen Amsden - Woodland Hills, California
stephen. amsden @ y a hoo . c om
Paul Pasternak - Blissfield, Michigan
paul pasternak  @ m sn . co m
Aline Lamastus - Hilo, Hawaii
bettyjane 042920  @ yahoo. co m
Lewis Austin - Ipswich, Massachusetts
lewis austin  @ gmail. co m
Ginny - Scranton, Pennsylvania mo gel 64  @ yahoo. c om
Cecil Ray Young, Jr. - Duluth, Minnesota wea sel _ 123 @ yahoo. c om
Elenora G. Akin - Green Valley, Arizona
azq wen 1  @ cox . n et
Russell Dallen, Sr. - Detroit, Michigan
ahri man 1 _ zyx @ y ahoo. c om
Thomas A. Ventimiglia - Jackson, Tennessee common law 58 @ g mail. c om
Susan Counts - Pacific, Missouri
sues house @   c harter.  n et
Charles Doyle - Adairsville, Georgia
cdoyle dpd  @ ya hoo. c om
Jim Evert - Crescent City, California
jime vert  @ h otmail. co m
Carol Dallen - Midland, Michigan
ms dalle n  @ ya ho o .  co m
Steven Davis - Grand Junction, Colorado slde 2 @  bres nan . n et
Yoshiyah Shamuwel - Texarkana, Texas
yoshi yah 20 05  @  ya hoo .  c om
Richard J. Butts - Flagstaff, Arizona
torah - one  @ npg cable .  c om
Daniel - Odon, Indiana dan ny . da rling ton  @ navy . m il
Robert Cox - Blackshear, Georgia
robert - shan non  @ live . c om
Jason - Fairbanks, Alaska stan k foote @ hotmail . c om
Marie - Hampton, Virginia marie lble wis  @  yahoo  .  c om
Kathryn Rolfe - Denver, Colorado
kathryn 4218 @  gmail  .  com
Yusofa - Brooklyn, New York na . ruachwalker @ yahoo . com
Elaine Davis - Grand Junction, Colorado
ea davis @ bresnan . net
Colonel T. L. Harlan - Fort Meade, Maryland
patriots press  @ m sn . co m
Ann McDavitt - Monticello, Illinois
mc davitt6 @  yaho o . c om
Jonathan I. Medley - Smiths Station, Alabama
ps ychj ew  @  gmail  .  c om
Sarah - Saint Joseph, Michigan
sarah rose19 51  @  gmail .  c om
Ron Anderson - Superior, Wisconsin
and co  @ embarq ma il  .  co m
Matthew Arturs Zabarovskis - Woodstock, Georgia latvian 11  @ yah o o  .  c om
Jeff - Bakersfield, California
jeffrey . portell@ ya hoo . c om
Rob Osborn - Chelsea, Michigan re_ osborn sbc global .n et
Calvin Easter - Tulsa, Oklahoma c_ easter 36 78inbox .c om
Ron Cheney - New York, New York ron cheney 35 70@ g mail . co m
Michael Dallen - Detroit, Michigan m dall en @ 1stco venant . o rg
Leila Cook - Livingston, Tennessee sew crafty 1 @ ymail . co m
Tony Linn - Anaheim, California tlin n 68 @ aol .c om
Aaron Bowers - Sylva, North Carolina as bowers @ gma il . co m
Phyllis Palacios - Gilbert, Arizona phillip babb 12 2 @ gm ail . c om
Luis Carmona - Seffner, Florida luis carmona @ ya hoo . c om
Amy Boiles - Denver City, Texas amy boiles @ gmail . co m
James Swanson - Gastonia, North Carolina reita jim @ mac . co m
Sonia C. - Tolleson, Arizona soni 623 @ gmail . co m
Doris Knight - Tulsa, Oklahoma truth det @ sbcglobal . ne t
Felisa Gan - Arleta, California ving man @ msn . co m
Keith K. - Slanesville, West Virginia serenity knoll @ yahoo . co m
Truman Dean - Alturas, California billybud _ sailor @ yahoo . co m
George Alan Zaldivar - Miami, Florida g 59 az @ aol . co m
Colin - Houma, Louisiana coolinb @ yahoo . co m
Melody A. - Phoenix, Arizona ma benn @ w indstream . n et
Selmar - Gainesville, Florida ola m12 @ h otmail . co m
Carolyn F. - Columbus, Ohio fla girl 0 @ h otmail . c om
Roberto Ramirez Candelaria - Orlando, Florida consejo _ sabio @ y ahoo . com
Bill and Jean Hanson - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin bj hanson @ green baynet . c om
Rabbi Israel (Scott) Seldowitz - New York (Brooklyn), New York go . hebrew @ g mail . co m
Helen O'Connor - Kerrville, Texas Contact First Covenant for this address 10/8/10
Jennifer Stewart - Alachua, Florida jenny stew @ live . co m
Donald Anglin - Lake Charles, Louisiana red patrio t 77 @ gmail . co m
Marc Cain - New York, New York marc cain 65 @ yahoo . co m
William J. Jones - Freeburg, Illinois wj 817 6 @ gmail . co m
Anthony Olivas - Fresno, California p 8 riot 76 @ hotmail . co m
Bill Hanson - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin bh hanso n @ green bay net . co m
Bob Lee - Owasso, Oklahoma bo bby le e 7 @ aol . com
Dr. James Daniel Tabor - Charlotte, North Carolina j d tab or @ u n c c . ed u
Terrance Feeney - Tampa, Florida fe ene y 3 3 6 @ m sn . c om
William Clark DeLashmutt - Farmville, Virginia b il lyd 1 2 035 3 @ m sn . c om
Cynthia Bjerrum - Mitchell, South Dakota cy nt hi ab je rru m @ tr ail eze . c om
Leila Cook - Livingston, Tennessee bi ndingt hread s @ y a ho o . c o m
Rock Conner - Dallas (Metro Atlanta), Georgia r o c kco nn er @ g mai l . com
Michael Northup - North Kingston, Rhode Island M r n ort hu p @ c o x . n et
Katrina Forney - Western U.S. a n g el 54 0 @ ym ai l . co m
Jamie Thacker - Wasilla, Alaska j t h a ck e r 19 9 9 @ ya ho o . co m
Raymond Hughes - Salt Lake City, Utah s im chat t or ah @ y ah oo . c o m
Jose - Tucson, Arizona k jm in is t ry @ l i v e . c o m
John Culver - Killeen, Texas j c ul ve r@ h ot. r r . com
Marilyn - Miramar, Florida h echa va rri2 00 1 @ gm ai l . c om
Melvin Michael McCray - Wichita, Kansas m m cc ra y 4 @ c o x . n e t
Carolyn Heffron - Federal Way, Washington c a reb ea r 2 1 35 6 @ y aho o . c om
Aliza Gutierrez-Medina - Rochester, New York al iza yaf fagu tier rez @y ah oo . c om
Azucena Narciso - Towson, Maryland b a b e _ n a rc iso @ m s n . c o m
Mimi Holder - Brunswick, Georgia R ufu sa nds an dr a @ co mcas t . c om
Aminadav Vigneau - Santa Fe, New Mexico t _ v ig n ea u @ y aho o . c om
Brenda Lee Rosen - Knoxville, Tennessee b r en d a _ r os en @ l i v e. co m
Rev. Jose - Tucson, Arizona k j m i n is t r y @ l iv e . c om
Vitov Valdes-Munoz II - Vineland, New Jersey v i tin . jun i @ ya ho o . c om
Gary Miller - Milford, Michigan g m p hot o @ c omc a st . n et
Jerry M. George - Cape Cod, Massachusetts is lan ds q ue st @ ho tma il . c om
Betsy Greenaker - Sanbornville, New Hampshire b gr ee nak e r @ g ma il . co m
Derrell Forshee - Tempe, Arizona d er re llf @gmai l . c om
Calie R. Easter - Tulsa, Oklahoma c _ e a s te r 3 67 8 @ i nb ox . co m
Rebecca (Reba) - Dover, Florida r 4 li l dr agonf l i es @ ya h o o . c om
Rebecca Reynolds - Sierra Vista, Arizona r r re ynol ds 5 7 @ gma il. co m
William Hodge - Edison, New Jersey i n tr o ver te dlo g i c @ g ma il. c om
John Bradford - Leonia, New Jersey j m jm b r as @a o l. co m
Jim Downs - Derwood, Maryland j im _ d o w ns@ c o m ca
Stacie - Sherwood, Arkansas dan ceb e4 God @ g mai l . c o m
Joel Bjorling - Gilson, Illinois b j or li ng @ ga le s b ur g . ne t
Kenneth Farrow - Lubbock, Texas ke nn et h f ar ro w @ su d de nl i nk. n et
Cindy - Olympia, Washington c e da ra ndf i r @ y a ho o . c om
Michael Jones - North Port, Florida m i c h a e l j n c f l @ g m a i l. c o m
Mary Stone - Fort Lauderdale, Florida m ar yi sn o tcon tr ary @ y ah oo . c om
Joanne - Sioux Falls, South Dakota R u s her m o m @ g ma il . c o m
Joel Bjorling - Gilson, IL
bj orling @galesburg. net
Thompson B. Crozier - Brooklyn cyber treb uchet@ gmail. com
Adam James - Pascagoula, MS Cra zyhors e1961@g mail. com
John "Thunder" Davis - Laurel, MS jtd stat@ gmail .com
Crystal Stivers - Federal Way, Wa cry st al.stiver s@g mail. com
Julia Taylor - San Angelo, TX otters sil ver@ yahoo .com
John - Macomb, IL Jo hnben noah@ live .com
James Swanson - Gastonia, NC Jim. swan son11 @yahoo .com
Michael Jerome Grady - Hastings, NE i ly wam h@hotm
B.R. Vaughn - Lexington, TN vaug hnbi lly1886 @ g mail .com
Troy Zeiner - Fillmore, IN troy2 92@ yaho
Stephen Jarrard - Rockmart, GA str enght toescape @yah oo. com
Adam Neira - Paris mosh iach_p roduc tions@yah oo. com
Don Beadles - Alva, OK her mene utics21 @ ya
Craig Pantzlaff - Bettendorf, IA artp rintb ycraig @gma l. com
Uzi - Orange, Ca uzite aches @ a
Evangeline Burns - Redmond, WA Eva burns81 8@ ya
Yitzchak Zohar Tzadik - Jakarta Timur, Indonesia Hash ola ndn
Timothy kiger - Clinton, NC Tim othy ki ger 2005@yah
Craig Pantzlaff - Bettendorf, IA Clearpo intart @ g
Darryl Bishop - Cleveland, TN Darr ylr bisho p@g
Robin Geller-Epperson - Tatum, NM Star.sp arkler @ yahoo. com
Rueven Baeza - R uben. baeza 36@g mail. com
Ted Smith - Paradise, CA ts mith89 71@ sbcg lobal .net
Eric Williams - Evanston eh william s 1110@ g mail,com
Marcie Hatfield - Murrieta, Ca m johat @ h
William Sterling - Phoenix, AZ s ter l noah @ g mail .com
Rosalinda Baeza - Lubbock, TX lady t034@ aol. com
Gerald Katz - Perris, CA gs zkatz @ earth link. net
Rosalie LaSaracina - Flushing, New York Rosalie LaSaracina - Flushing, New York
Andrew Lawrence Bass - Coventry, RI C hu bbymen sch@ g mail. com
Brad K Whitley - Wilson, NC W hitlet br adley k @ g ma
Dene` Jones - Liverty, MO Picture my li fe@ a tt. net
Ibis Rojas - Woonsocket, RI ibis medin aroja s@gm
Garrison Lorey - Durant, OK gslo rey@ho
Jarrod Tovrea - Centralia, WA cmir aclesdo happ en@ gma
Dale Marsh - Indianapolis, IN dalem arsh77@yah m
Barry Huffman - Memphis, TN rbhu ffma n01@ yah
Timothy Rose - Monroe, MI timothy.lee.r ose@g m
Benjamin Coronal - Lynn, MA co ro nel@li ve.c om
Patrick J. Villalonga - Miami, Fl pvi ll01 5@
Noah schechter - Oak Park, MI Fo urbla cksh eep2@ao
Richard E. Collins - Spanaway, WA rit chy@ com cast.n et
Bonnie Bartel - Munising, MI bba rte l@ym ma
Dave Tuttle - Ravena, NY tutz 1974@yah m
Phillip Daniel - Riverside, CA ph illipw djr@y
Jeffrey Gillen - Greenville, NC jeff _gi llen@ yahoo. com
Jo Lynne Pelletier - Federal Way, WA JL WPell tier@msn .co m
John - St. Clair Shores, MI hig h land3 57@hotmail. com
Steve Hardt - Brandenton, FL stev en p hardt@g
Maria Wright - Section, AL wr igh ria71@ya hoo.c om
Will Melnyk - Monteagle, TN w.wil lia m.mel nyk@
Del Wright - Section, AL wrig ht.mari a71@ yah
Elizabeth Allweiss - Inkster, MI sta rlitdre ams2@
Vitov Valdes-Munoz - Los Angelas, CA.  
Taalibuddin al-Ansare - Raymond, MO alan sare0 1@gm
Charles Williams - Youngstown, Oh usc gm an3@ yaho
Matthew Atwell - Boise, ID ma tth ewatwell @hotm
N.D.M. - Las Vegas, NV  
marcus giancana - Topeka, KS fa rrar rol ando62 @yaho
Mary Ethelda Viczei - Pageland, SC ma cze i@ho tmail.c om
Ken Swarm - Fair Oakes, CA KS warm@ya hoo .co m
Lohn T. Booker- Monroeville, AL joh nbo oker11 22@g
Jerry Manuel - Dequincy, LA er jmanue l@gm ai
Anthony & Valerie - Fresno, CA ora htru th4me @g mail .com
Rex Yeagley - Hoodsport, WA re x@th eyeag m
Nancy Sams - Oxford, GA ms@y ahoo .c om
Nicole Warden - Bethal Park, PA Nicole pa sta@verizon.n et
Devora Carter - Miami Beach, FL mi ckisthe one@ya
Candace Gilson - Claremont, NH can dacegi lson 49
Brenda Smith - Cohutta, - GA smi thbre nda399@g
John Esposito - Grove Village, IL esp o83@ y aho o.c om
Cynthia R. Simmons - ath omedesign s@w oh.r
Dan Taylor - Visalia, CA pda ntaylo r@gm
Canada, Mexico and Overseas
Ievgen Khvalkov - Florence, Italy c osmad amin an@ mail . ru
Gutman Locks - Jerusalem

G utma n1@013 . net

Justine Amadi Darlington - Lagos, Nigeria scr ipt4raw @ ya hoo . c om
Phang - Melaka, Malaysia bene dict. singh  @ y ahoo. c om
Neil Maybanks - Brisbane, Australia
may banks @  y ahoo .  co m . au
Stella H. Howell - Wokingham, United Kingdom stella @ eco . u k
Annette Perry - Melbourne, Australia annettep errry sm ith @ yahoo. co. au
DM - Cagayan de Oro, Philippines Dm.arbois @ y ahoo. c om
Milton Kaetovuhu - Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
milton @  o nline . net . pg
Saji - Mumbai, India
sajich elengra  @  g mail .  c om
Manu Francis Matthew - Bangalore, India
franc is10ind  @  gmail .  c om
Saleh - Beirut, Lebanon sa leh 82 @ g mail. c o m
Stephen I. Ternyik - Munich, Germany

stephen Jehucal @ web. de (or go to:

Ler Hock Poh Arthur - Singapore artl er @ signet. com. sg
Scott Plummer - Port Hardy, British Columbia (Canada)
thep addingtons @ r ocketmail.  c om
Efreign - Manila, Philippines
the1 whos ee @ y ahoo. co m
Valerie Bush - Bristol, England (United Kingdom) tarta sus  @  y ahoo. c om. uk
Jacqueline Delaney - Brisbane, Australia
jacque dela ney @ y ahoo. c om. au
Jack Bering Kalipenta - Lusaka, Zambia
jac kb @ p actzambia. o rg
Edgar Esquivel - Cartago, Costa Rica
hay esod 5 @ g mail. c om
John Bannach - Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
law s onj @ r ogers. co m
Eliezer K. - Nairobi, Kenya kakar izz f astmail. f m
Cate Eastwood - Leicester, United Kingdom
cate. east wood @ n tlworld. c om
Yoshiyahu - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

noachi sm @  gmail. c om

Abraham A. Villegas - Davao City, Philippines
abe 64p h @ yahoo. c om
Nelius J. - Midrand, South Africa neliu sj @ absamail. c o. a
Basant P - Australia basant.puri@ csc.mrc. a c. uk
Nzewi uchenna - Onitsha, Nigeria

nzewireuche @ hotmail. c o m

Ken G. - Erskine Australia kgraydon@ skinegrove. c o m. a u
Eugene - Johannesburg, South Africa eugene @ tigertiger. c o. za
Frances (Rachav) Makarova - Melbourne , Australia ... Frances moderates Noahides @ 

fan @ ihug. com. au   Visit her websites: and

Bill S. - Burlington , Ont. (Canada) shonento (at) y ahoo. c om
Pamela Cremer - Brighton, United Kingdom
rinah32 @ y ahoo. co m
Eugenio L. - Canada s iriu s 2 @ y ahoo. ca
Willy P. - Paris, France willy. ml kl @ h otmail. fr
Julien H. - Paris , France jhanoka @ h otmail. fr
Himesh M. - India hmo vey @ h otmail. com
Jacky - Antananarivo, Madagascar mami tianajacky @ h otmail. com
Daniel P. - India @ sancharnet. i n
Enoch B. - Gujarat State , India enoch basker @ y ahoo. co. in
Yosef B. - India omed yashar @ y ahoo. com
Naomi & Sefanja S. - The Netherlands naomi. smit @ zonnet. nl   Visit their website:
Nadeem I. - Pakistan nadeemxy2000 @ yahoo .com
Angelica V. - Philippines  
Jill Taylor - Auckland, New Zealand
kc.ta ylor @ xtra . co . nz
A.V. Corpus - Philippines ahavah2001 @ yahoo. com
Ruel - Philippines avc3671 @ yahoo. com
Michelle G. - Sweden michelle.gylle npalm @ sitserv. se
Tony C. United - Kingdom ton y@cor ke r.wan adoo.c o . uk
David S. - Harrogate , United Kingdom armisis @ gmail. com
Kazimir H.- Wales, United Kingdom kazikhubertz @ yahoo. com
Hans-Joachim Steinsiek - Essen, Germany erle @ verlag-steinsiek. de
Tom Toogood - Gateshead, NSW (Australia) ecoed @  au
Vincenza P. (Location not for publication) mogel64 @ yahoo. com
Marianne Salamon Dove - Lynden, Ont. (Canada) marianne . dove @ gmail. com
Odii Uche - Lagos, Nigeria
rv383nem @ yahoo. com
Linda M Fudge
Louisbourg, Nova Scotia (Canada)
lfudge @ seascape. ns. ca
Michelle Hawkins - London, United Kingdom shells. online @ ntlworld. com
Neil Maybanks - Brisbane, Australia neil. maybanks @ gmail. com
Amuela Asher - North Bay, Ontario (Canada)
amuela 2 u @ yahoo. com
Tom Carew - Dublin, Ireland
tm carew @ yahoo. com
James D. Regehr - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (Canada)
jdr @ prof-regehr. com
Wolfram Weiland - Muenster, Westfalia (Germany)
weila ndw @ uni-muenster. de
Aquiles Hernandez - Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
warning _ viru s_ found @ hotmail. com
Vicky H. Purves - Auckland, New Zealand victoria ghp @ yahoo. com
Chanda Bwelele - Lusaka, Zambia chandab welele @ yahoo. com
Daniela Thomas - Augsburg, Germany
thomas. daniela @ hotmail. de
David Green - Vereeniging, South Africa
green @ qeynos . servers host. net
Merivict Pearl Murillo - Legazpi City, Philippines
winter gnome @ rock etmail . com
Mhinas - Wulfrath, Germany mhinas @ jesus . de
Neville McPherson - Bethania, Australia s _ mcpherson @ live .com. au
Gidon Ariel - Ma'ale Adumim, Israel
jerusalem @ holy city prayer. com
Nicholas Tkatschuk - Lublin, Poland
nickjt @  wp. pl
Dimitar Kosev - Kazanlak, Bulgaria
ben noah @ abv . bg
Amit Kumar - Ranchi, India
am it zo r ba  @ g ma il . com
Anthony Smith Uche - Johannesburg, South Africa
smith 4 south @ g mail . com
Frank - Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) frank sumner @  ymail .  com
Istifanus Gagava - Nigeria istif an usg aga  @  yahoo . com
Sandra Bell - Tauranga, New Zealand
voleta 2000  @  yahoo . com . au
Helen - Melbourne, Australia helenh 45  @  gmail . com
Reda-Lene Spilhaus - George, South Africa
reda lene @ g mail  .  com
Jose Lazar - Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Annette Perry - Melbourne, Australia annette perry smith @ ya hoo . co. au
Franklin Roulf Silva - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil franklin roulf @ hotmail . com
Diana Garrett - United Kingdom  
Janine Blackman - Piarco, Trinidad & Tobago janine _blackman @ ya hoo . com
J.M. Arslan - Zwolle, The Netherlands jmar slan @ home . nl
Mattitjahu K. - The Hague, The Netherlands mattitj ahu2000 @ yahoo . co . uk
Arturo Amparado - Manila, Philippines aamp arado @ hot mail . com
Yvonne Lowes-Bird - Swansea, Wales (United Kingdom) y l b @ l b7 . c o . u k
Rev. Azar Parichha - Jamshedpur, India aj ar par ic h ha @ g m a i l . c o m
Philip Gould - Dover, England (U.K.) g . un i t8 15 @ g m a i l . c o m
Gershon Weinberger - Jerusalem, Israel g pw ei nb er ge r @ g m a il . com
David - Port Perry, Ontario (Canada) d m s m @ po we rg at e . ca
Carl - Pretoria, South Africa c a rl @ v u l a m ehl o . c o . za
Claude Grivegnee - Liege, Belgium c l a ude . gr ive gn e e @ li v e . b e
Tommy Barnabas Dahl - Roenne, Denmark t omm y . ba rnab as @ g m ail . c om
Meg - Wadebridge, England (United Kingdom) me g . r os e 1 9 @ g ma i l. c om
Peter Desmier - Montreal, Quebec (Canada) d es m i e r @ v i d e o t ro n . c a
Julia Sperry - Cardiff, Wales (United Kingdom) ju li a _ s per ry @ l i ve . c o. u k
David Dryden - Milton Keynes, England (U.K.) h ese dy a hu @ y aho o . c o. u k
Gabriele Palm-Funke - Leipzig, Germany g p a l m f un ke @ a o l . c o m
Debra A. Kerkkonen - Rock Creek, British Columbia (Canada) d e br a - an ne - ker ko k on en @ h o t m a i l . c a
Rev. Herbert - Visakhapatnam, India h o l y h e a ls 7 @ g m a i l. c om
Hans van Schaik - Pretoria, South Africa h va ns ch a i k @ g ma i l . c o m
Malik Sumeem - Pak Maliks umeem@g mail. com
Ferdinand Malapit - Caloocan City, Philippines wi tr ib ef er dz @ y a ho o . c o m
Yehoshua Friedman - Kochav Hashachar, Israel g oyish ere bbe@ g mail. com
David Aiello - Toronto, Ontario David. Aie llo @ bload van tax . com
Gabriela - Mevaseret Zion, Israel gan li bi@yah oo. com
Ludwig Alexander Deglmann - Bonn, Germany Intern ationalEliteS tudent8098 12@yahoo .com
WatchMen - Jerusalem, Israel wat chmenf rom m
Tzirel Rus Kriger (Sheryl Blalock) - Beitar, Israel K rig er @n eto.
Mark Grewar - Beaconsfield Tasmania gr ewar @li ve.c om
Stephane Larochelle - Gatineau, QUE r3@y ahoo .ca
Mira - Warszawa, Poland Ku pe jeva @ gm
MJ Brisson - Ottawa, ON mar iejosee dan@g mail. com
Veronica Campbell - St. Georges, Canada ve roncam 60@ho tmai
Ashly - kohima, India as hley tyger5 0@facebo
Mark Grewar - Beaconsfield, Australia gre war@
James Wilson - Toronto ji m_mari lynw@r
Pastor Leo Boimah Brosius - Monrovia, Liberia leobr osius @gmail .com
JULIA SPERRY - Cardiff, Whales (United Kingdom) ju lia_sp err y@l iv
Michael Gehrmann-Gacasa - Kenilworth, United Kingdom gint ren0 7@gmail .com
Anfrísio Rodrigues Neto - Sorocaba, Brazil si lvinisi o@gm

Email addresses are listed as they are above so that Internet search engines can't gather them.

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and hidden things which you do not know.
Jeremiah 33:3

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