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First Covenant is a U.S. IRS 501(C)(3) non-profit religious and educational organization. Contributions to First Covenant are tax-deductible.

Contributing to First Covenant supports "our" teaching: that the general drift of Scripture is not hopelessly mysterious; that science, law and history, the Teachings of the Elders and Hebrew Scripture lead jointly to HaShem; that the blessed One and Only God, Who created all things, wants us all - humankind, male and female, white and black, poor and rich, Jew and Gentile, young and old - to serve Him as happily and consciously as possible.

We discuss, study and contextualize the First - that is, the Universal - Covenant: humankind's primordial Pathway to higher consciousness and happiness. This is the well-established Covenant referenced in Genesis 9, and in three millenia of Torah scholarship; the Path for everyone, Noahides (non-Jews) as well as Jews, who love HaShem.

If you believe in this work, please support it

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First Covenant Foundation
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Detroit, Michigan 48203-1061

Financial information may be obtained by contacting Michael Dallen, Executive Director, by mail, at First Covenant Foundation, 2400 Woodstock Drive, Detroit, Michigan 48203. Phone: (313) 891-1920. Annual reports, official registration, financial and other documents may be obtained through the Michigan Department of Corporations, Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Division, ID # 783819.

As tiny scales join to form a strong coat of armor,
so do little donations combine to form a great sum of good.

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That Your Way may be known upon Earth,
Your Salvation among all nations.

Psalm 67:3


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