Call it the First or Rainbow Covenant, the Noahide or Universal Covenant, natural law, or natural religion...

Whatever you call the compact, or contract, between God and man in the Bible's Book of Genesis, it's an eye-opening transaction designed to lead us all to wisdom, grace, empowerment, and higher consciousness.

It's the Path of God the Father, God the King. We're speaking of Genesis 9, after Noah's Flood, and the Universal Covenant associated with the rainbow: the covenant by which God formally conveys dominion over planet Earth to us, mortal men and women, through our ancestors (starting with Noah and his family).

This amazing gift of trust includes operating instructions: the Seven Commandments of the Noahide Covenant.

These simple laws bear Divinity on their face: seventeen Hebrew syllables that define what it means to be human, in the context of a comprehensive, Divine, sublime Universal Law.

The Seven Commandments are Heaven's foundational, hyper-rational, universal instructions for living a genuinely good, conscious, fully human life.

Whatever your religion, this wisdom will open your eyes to great holiness.

(If you happen to be Jewish and want to know what the religion of Israel has to say to ALL nations, welcome! If you want more narrow-focused religion - the practices of observant Jewry and detailed statutes of Torah - try these links.)

We established this foundation, produced the book Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws, and our highly regarded Covenant Connection periodical, teach, and do all we can to make this remarkable sacred wisdom more accessible.

Oh, how I love Your Torah!
Psalm 119:97

See The Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws.

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